No-no! Not political war-drum-(beats)-early

Government generosity: ask now!


Partly because I regret not benefiting from the higher forms of tertiary education, I respect the analyses, the conclusions, the sentiments regarding this country’s politics by our experts. Including the scores of pieces on the confidence vote, the Constitution and the consequences of legal arbitration.

I, however, also regret that, after years of my teenaged and adult participation in political activity, I see no fundamental shift away from electoral support – voting – based on racial preference and sentiment. There will be a few departures from the unfortunate norm. But on Polling Day – whenever it eventually comes around again – the two major tribal instincts will kick in.

And there are the same two old reasons for my prediction. Oldsters know them: African-descended socio-economic security concerns influence the Afro vote; “Indians” have the PPP-DNA in blood, body and soul! His Excellency’s military might is benign – but present. His “total national defence” can grow repressive arms which might not “foil the shock of rude invader”, but could certainly put down even lawful civil-rights protestations. All this Dr Jagdeo will shrewdly use to maintain “traditional support”. Hence my simple, non-academic, non-politically-scientific” predicted scenarios immediately below.

The campaigns, the “winners”, the unrest

Two up-front points before my simplified predictions. We who are still concerned or involved should not add to the daily emotionally-charged rhetoric and abuse already being spouted daily via media and meetings. That’s why I write with reluctant caution, even though I must be commonsensically frank and honest. So I avoid “campaign”.

Secondly, added to my two reasons in a foregoing paragraph, a third is now oil-and-gas – and its control.

I predict that whenever elections are held, Dr Jagdeo’s PPP will secure the most votes! I predict that despite observers and interested investors, His Excellency’s supporters will be thereby upset and aggressively disposed. Don’t rule out unrest!

One pre-Nomination Day dream

A non-PPP fellow who too is non-Coalition has a dream. He surmises that if the PPP, the ANUG, the (Shuman) LJP and the FEDUP Berbician Baby-Party all know that His Excellency is defying his own Speaker, the Chief Justice and the Constitution, why don’t they all coalesce to eventually defeat His Excellency and His Excellency’s GECOM?

All I told him was: “Ho-ho! The tribes will still define things!! Discuss…

No “war”! Peace, not conflict (PNC)

One PPP enthusiast who advised me about some rigging techniques, just directed me to a Facebook video which, he claims, indicated the PNC “leanings” towards political, elections “war”. So I looked it up.

Indeed it showed some “PNC ladies” in sound system party mode at a Congress Place musical fund-raiser. And yes, their belted out lyrics sang about “beating them in war” in all ten regions.

In Georgetown when you experience PNC ladies and youths demonstrating, their songs and gyrations are usually aggressively high-octane. That video depicted “beating up” – through the ballot box. I hope!!

Government gifts: now is the time!!

Most right-minded citizens and Dr Jagdeo’s Opposition will not laugh. But consider my two ironic bits of political humour.

First many hold that the Coalition should not engage in any new governmental undertaking at this time.

But poor folks – yearning still for Minister Jordan’s “good life” – will accept all the Coalition Ministers are now offering. Legal or not! Campaign style fast-forwarding of new bridges, repairs to schools, house lots, cash-grants, ICT hubs, accelerated loans for small business – people – all should be grasped now thankfully. They were always meant for the people anyhow. So now is the time to ask the Minister! Even if Congress comrades receive first, all must ask now!

But I chuckle at a second aspect of the political gift-giving. It’s this: the traditional Afro-supporters will still vote for “their own”. At least the campaign gifts will maintain – not improve or expand – the base. To me, all the campaign goodies accepted by the “traditional” others, won’t turn them away from the Dr Jagdeo. So? Accept!

Electoral engineering (Pt 4)

Hear ye friends. Since it seems that His Excellency’s Coalition and His Excellency’s GECOM Chairman and CEO will ensure that elections are some months away, my series on election rigging will be slowed down just a bit.

I can “stretch out” these anti-rigging advisories over a longer period. So today’s Part Four will just touch on a powerful potential manipulation long before Polling Day. All competing parties must pay attention to the GECOM officials who conduct training and tests to select Polling Day officials.

Who sees and assesses test results to appoint Presiding Officers and Returning Officers? Why are specific officials sent to specific divisions and Polling Places? Extra teaser: what do young police constables do at 6:00 pm on polling evening? At specific polling places? Much more to come.

Time to ponder…

The Coalition must guard against saying: “during their time, they raised the threshold illegally; they did this and that wrong…” Coalition vowed to discontinue all PPP wrongs.

After living in Guyana for only one year a person from India or Zambia – any Commonwealth country – can vote in our elections! Why?

No-no-no! Our Coalition won fairly by a few thousand votes. It can’t be as illegitimate as Maduro’s regime.

Congrats again to: Doctors Adam Harris, Lall and Chanderpaul. Doctors like peas!

Coming next Friday: concerning Dr Scotland and Mr Manzoor.

’Til next week!



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