Vast sovereign wealth for 800,000 (only?)

Racial animosity here: Why? How?

Electoral rigging – Under PPP? (Pt 5)

Frankly Speaking, I would now hereby advise my fellow citizens, especially those resident here at all times, not to expect any significant earnings coming their way from our emerging oil and gas sector before, say 2022.

It’s somewhat challenging but I’m trying to immerse my mind in the explorations, the latest finds, the implications and the nuances relevant to oil and gas production in our dear land, so developmentally stagnated for decades.

Lopsided agreements in favour of the local explorers/investors, our technical human–resource deficiencies and some governmental administrative/managerial uncertainties indicate that we who hope to be beneficiaries of this portion of our patrimony should wait a year or two after “First oil” to see actual returns. Unless negotiations yield advance payments from Exxon, its subsidiaries and lined–up newcomers.

His Excellency’s Coalition is refining the Grand Fund – sovereign wealth/Natural Resource (?) from which the oil returns will generate revenues for us. This account – we are being told – is to be expertly managed. To effect savings, to fund investments shrewdly and to pass on Minister Jordan’s “Good –Life”- necessities to all of us. All of us! Specific European models of Wealth Funds are being studied closely. Because standing principles and management priorities and techniques have yielded sustained results for those nations’ inhabitants. Even when the oil has flowed to a mere trickle. But what can poor Guyanese reasonably expect.


Managing, sharing to 800,000

How many Guyanese reside in the homeland right now? How many more will be entitled to the oil returns if living elsewhere? Dual citizens or not? “Dual” means you are still Guyanese. Correct?

I often wonder about our periodic, somewhat overdue censuses. Anyhow we are told that at last count we are 800,000 here. Still? Are deaths, migration, low-birth-rates keeping this big country from ever hosting even one million?

Anyway I’m suspecting that a few thousands of our overseas-based compatriots – especially the   over-60 retirees – will seek to return after 2020 to build or retrieve “permanent” homes here. So won’t those loving “combackees” be entitled to benefit from the actual earnings and the money generated by the “Sovereign Wealth Fund?

Imagine thousands of overseas-based comrades returning and re-establishing new homes in the Minister’s Housing Projects. Will these “households” not be entitled to Professor Clive’s $5000US/$1M (G)? Ho-ho! If ever that type of hand-out is to materialize I would prefer vouchers for medical expenses, foodstuff, education fees and perhaps, carefully-crafted loans to generate self- employment. Not Just cash! What’s your take?


Racial animosity – Then and now

At my age, living all my life within our Guyana borders, I am aware of what the political scientists among us describe as “ethno-political” fears and insecurities. Right now this is the season that engenders and exacerbates such. Right?

Yet I do not accept that our two larger racial groupings are that extremely polarised. Why? Because during any given year – politics aside – we all eat, play, pray, work and contribute together side by side. In peace if not harmony, check out real tribal polarization in Africa, Kashmir, Iraq, Ireland or even China!

So I’ll forego any long historical background or reasons for animosity between the two groups. Except to reflect that the Dutch and British plantation owners, merchants, governors and other influence–masters were exceptionally gifted, expert and effective in creating racist discord among their subjects and their dependents. The descendants appreciate and write about the inflicted separation and discrimination. Yet they seem to perpetuate same. So still blame the “white man”?

Fast forward to now. In the context of post-1961. “Dougla” or dispassionate, I try to be neutral. My simple layman’s observations. Between 1962 and 1966 Cheddi Jagan’s party was effectively shut out and sabotaged. A wily manipulative Burnham, even as visionary statesman later, was assisted by the Americans and British (1962 – 1965). Cheddi’s “children” felt the hurt, the effects of the external preferences. Then came racial “insecurities”.

Twenty-eight years of Burnham’s PNC did little for his “children”. They migrated in masses! Despite Hoyte’s efforts.

Upon Cheddi’s 1992 return his death and his flawed selfish inheritors inspired Afro-resentment. My preliminary conclusion? Political and economic discrimination by the PPP, class distinction sustaining poverty and both major races claiming entitlement all produce levels of racial animosity. But even “race” can be subordinated by a “dis-is-we-time” syndrome. Discuss…


Elections rigging, PPP style? (Pt 5)

Next time I’ll review and summarise all my rigging techniques recorded here so far.

PNC “comrades” and PNC-friendly GECOM officials dared to “expose” the following allegedly during the Cheddi/Jagdeo/Ramotar tenure: PPP loyalists’ homes in rural faraway Polling Districts became Polling Places where fake ballots and polling statements were generated (?).

Next was the bloated electoral or voters lists. Somehow, it is argued, names of dead persons, underage youth and dead people were arranged to be kept on the Official Lists of Electors (OLE). And since it seems that more PPP supporters than PNC loyalists migrated, PPP stands to benefit from an over-subscribed list. Buy that? Why no objections?

Next time I’ll report rigging opportunities to be exploited and effected right now.


Now ponder these…

1. From the UF to the old Rodneyite WPA to the AFC, how effective have third parties been in healing racial divides? How will Toshao Shuman’s party fare?

2. Quote of the  week: “It truly is a pity that politicians are the ones running countries, since they clearly put power above everything else including economic sense and the environment.”

3. His Excellency the Brigadier’s “Total National Defence” includes attention to quelling “heightened tensions.” Consider the implications.

4. Let’s pray for continued good health for His Excellency, Prime Minister, Chairperson Lawrence, Gen. Sec. Ally and Retired Officer Lowenfield of GECOM. Stay fit and well is the prayer.

5. Campaign time! Irfaan with the champion cyclists and Green House spokesman/pointman Joe playing drums with Linden’s Rastafari. Stay loyal y’all!

’Til next week


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