Give up? What if the Coalition remains ’til 2020?

A minister’s daughter died, let’s pray

Rigging potential under APNU (Part 6)

Now force yourselves, concerned citizens. Assume or pretend that there was no No-Confidence Vote. And no consequential challenges to the result. And no robust disputes relating to the relatively- easy- to understand constitutional provisions relevant.

Okay friends I realise I’m asking for escapist attitudes to what’s reality in this our dear land. But consider the hypothetical. And some implications.

First, accept that it is a sad and unfortunate reality that our decent, urbane officer and gentleman His Excellency is a political wily wolf in the clothing of a smiling priest-like Vatican-type authority. Frankly speaking, I’m in personal conscientious turmoil. Why? Well, I still prefer His Excellency to all the Dr Jagdeos and Comrade Irfaans put together. But I feel duped by His Excellency’s autocratic schemes to remain in office ’til his 2020 tenure expires. Never did I suspect that His Excellency would disrespect and trample upon straightforward constitutional provisions when I voted for his list in 2015. Even though one of his still-loyal comrades related things which happened at congresses when His Excellency won party leadership. Poor me. But suppose little me persuaded Dr Jagdeo and the ABC/EU nations to “accommodate” his Excellency’s Coalition until July/August 2020?….

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