Many willingly served under Burnham, although…

-Now, reluctantly under Granger – conscience?

Because I had had enough of Bharrat Jagdeo’s direct and covert rule and dominion over Guyana’s resources and destiny in 2015, I voted for the best of the bad lot – Granger/Nagamootoo in 2015.

I even allowed the marriage-of-convenience-coalition all their “mis-steps”, blunders and early excesses between May 2015 and May 2018. My disappointment was easily degenerating into despair by 2018, three years after the ascension. Next month His Excellency will “celebrate” four years in office. Frankly Speaking, both his die-hard, tribal followers and members, as well as casual supporters – like myself – should wonder if the celebration would be an unknowing tribute to a clever, wily, benign autocracy in the making. Why do I wonder?

No not the instant salary increases for ministers and MPs weeks after His Excellency’s assumption. Not the removal of GPL/GWI subsidies for pensioners or the year-end gifts of monetary school vouchers to parents, or soldiers’ Christmas bonus. Not even the ethnic-biased appointments of Permanent Secretaries or the placement of two/three dozen former GDF Officers – all well-qualified. No, not those. Nor even the arbitrary painting of the official town green…..

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