Reality! The PNC will prevail …by whatever means necessary

-Any hope? An evening with the LJP

-My rigging series resumed (Pt 7)

Hey you-all! You know that I “know my place”. Far be it from me to debate trained political analysts, qualified commentators and seasoned activists.

But this I state – and you-all must note and remember: The People’s National Congress (PNC) – forget any amorphous “APNU” sham which will appear on the Polling Day documents – will prevail at the forthcoming General Elections. Being manoeuvred to be in the “full-term” year of 2020! CCJ or no CCJ! What do I mean by “prevail?” And why do I feel as I do?

Well after you realise how near farcical this entity “APNU” is and you accept (reluctantly) that the Alliance For Change (AFC) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) are no longer “alliances” or “change” agents in any electoral sense, you know it will again be battle-time between our two grand old behemoths – PNC and PPP. (Okay, okay, I’ll recognize the appearance of the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP)  further down this page.)

Two, three columns ago I expressed a personal opinion that if the PPP wanted to court others beside their “DNA-traditional” base, the Doc should have mounted an Anthony-GDF-retired-officer ticket. (What? No GDF type to challenge His Excellency?) To me the duo would have offered a little competition.

I also spelt out the “hurdles” – just a few – too many/too high for Dr Jagdeo: legalistic delays; PNC incumbent headstart pleasing thousands from Budget 2019 projects and special (taxpayer) funds; the pro-government role of His Excellency’s “Total National Defence” – not only friendly joint services votes but robust anti-protest exercises; the strategic inputs from/by His Excellency’s GECOM foursome – and Officer Lowenfield’s outfit – among more “hurdles”.

And when any non-rabid PPP loyalist viewed Economist Irfaan’s mediocrity of a press conference, co-starring another dubious character, who would want to support those dudes? You see, they make His Excellency’s lot appear vastly superior – even supreme. Which in many cases they are. Except for the rising incidence of power-derived excesses.


“Prevailing” – by any/all means

And just what do I mean by “prevail” in my topmost caption? Well it is my opinion that, Frankly Speaking, His Excellency’s People’s National Congress’ Elections War Room will fashion electoral strategies that will see them assuming control – openly or covertly – of most elements of nationwide campaigning and consolidation of party power through State-owned resources. From transportation to electric power to polling places to police permission for most activities to State media party support. You all will soon see what I mean. What? It has started already?


Hoping with the LJP

I see why my first choice for the new party’s name – the First People’s Party – could have never made it. The new Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) leader, former Toshao Lennox Shuman advised that the party is not an “Amerindian party” or “Shuman’s” party. It is simply – but significantly – the LJP. Not ethnic-specific. Not limited in its outreach, its mandate or mission.

Now I know. Last week Thursday evening I attended the LJP’s first meeting after its earlier launch. Why? Because even at my age and stage in this land, one hopes for a genuine viable third political force to exercise powerful strategic “leverage” – as one attendee described it – a necessary counter balance that both the PNC and PPP behemoths would have to respect and actively consider – to exist in power.

That Thursday evening’s get-together was held at an upstairs venue at Duke Lodge in residential Kingston, Georgetown. Noting that the LJP’s launch was held at the Georgetown Club, I hoped that the party’s next outreach would be in some more grassroots public space. And in the hinterland.

Leader Shuman promised to reveal most things when an election date is announced. (What a trump card His Excellency holds!) From my early teens to young adulthood as I became politically conscious – my grandmother took me along to Bourda Green meetings and “rallies” from around ten-plus! I heard of the National Democratic Party and the United Democratic Party (UDP) which both sought to challenge the Big Two. Alas, respective leaders WOR Kendall and John Carter were easily “absorbed” by PPP(B)/PNC.

Of course there emerged many other baby parties with “nuisance value” during the fifties to seventies. The Big 2 remained unperturbed and unmolested – politically and parliamentary wise.  But the capitalist-oriented United Force in 1961 to ’64 did become a real force. Forbes utilised then neutralised. Yesterday’s and today’s political generation now know what became of the WPA and the AFC. Neutralised! (But isn’t it amazing how a few sustained voices keep the non-electoral WPA alive?)

I won’t dwell on my thoughts about the LJP  at this stage. Thursday’s speakers – especially a young GPHC doctor – showed promise. The executive seems to be now taking shape, with an “old” GDF Coast Guard Officer-veteran one of the decision makers – amongst the youths.

As another attendee advised, date or no date, the LJP  must begin to aggressively market itself as the Third Force leverage. I advise: strategise how you’ll court the First People’s vote. You might want to advise them to ask for and accept gladly Vice-President Allicock’s roads, bridges, computers, water wells, schools – everything!

Leader Shuman may then depend on the First People’s trait of doing though not speaking. How long should I hope?


Rigging indicators (Part 7)

Man since I initiated this, the PPP, a Malcolm Harripaul (former PPP??), one of His Excellency’s GECOM foursome, have all begun to publicise what they (claim to) know. So I’ll merely quote an a-political gentleman as I resume my “series” today.

Recall that I had pointed to the crucial role(s) of CEO Lowenfield’s Polling Day/Registration recruiters. Just who are eventually appointed to be senior polling day officials? How? Why? Well, based on a previous experience, Mr Alfred Bhulai is proposing something. Citizen Bhulai is advocating that CEO Lowenfield’s “training exams should be administered and marked by an independent organization – who must publish the results.” Great suggestion Sir.

But His Excellency’s GECOM foursome will say ho-ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho! But all competing parties should welcome all this electoral scrutiny.


Consider – or ponder…

1. The PPP and American Lobbyists? Who beat them to that long ago? But is Dr Jag worried, jealous of the PNC and the USA today? And of Exxon?

2. Is it so unexpected? That corrupt practices will manifest themselves after four years in authority? Stop it! It just means that criticism of the predecessor will have to be “tempered”.

3. Evil paraded: a young Berbician wife is brutally murdered. Another female Berbician fraudster pretends to be soliciting assistance for the victim’s funeral!

In Trinidad, traffickers made a house into a “Police Station” to detain and exploit Venezuelan females.

’Til next week. A reflective Easter.

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