Across the Kaala Pani to Highbury: My identity problem?

-Knowing “whuh in ‘E mattie bag”?

-Potential riggers (Part 8)

His Excellency, our Historian President has ensured that the arrival(s) of the first Portuguese and Chinese to our land be hailed and commemorated.

For decades under past administrations, the coming of our First Peoples and the battles and Emancipation with respect to our African foreparents were “spotlighted” nationally every year. Seven, then five days ago events to recall the arrival of the first Portuguese and Indians assailed my sense of history but re-ignited a personal enquiry – even dilemma – that I had apparently fashioned for myself.

So, even though I came to terms with personal choices regarding my own identity some decades ago, I share a summarized account of my personal “confusion” about the “East Indian” part of me – fuelled by external manifestations whilst growing up, then the later adulthood acceptance of the self I prefer (red)…..

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