Our “unbribable” commissioner, his rogue cops

- Will electoral defeat be accepted?

– American “asylum”, while thousands wait

Three fit and sturdy fellows of average intelligence and Sunday-school background – and between the ages of twenty to twenty-four – were accepted into the Guyana Police Force (GPF) a few years ago. The Commissioner then was a “high-profile” personality.

The three young men were villagers from West Coast Berbice and East Coast Demerara communities. One fellow had really yearned to be an electrical technician but no technical institute would accept him at the time. The villages offered no permanent employment so to the GPF it was.

After relatively brief initial training at our local Police “Academy”, the trio dispersed into “Traffic”, Beat duty and one, eventually, to the C.I.D meaning he became a “detective.”

I once had a good reason to familiarise myself with the curriculum, the elements of the training of those recruited. Former late Commissioner Lloyd Barker liked to remind the populace – and his political superiors – that the lower ranks of the Force were supplied by our own imperfect society. He had said that the Force “tried its best” with those products (to fashion them into honest professional law-enforcement officers, but…)

Well our three young villagers, during their first three years, did their best to be upright in the delivery of their duties. Then temptation, opportunity and influence by superiors intruded to lead them astray seriously. They had girlfriends in Georgetown suddenly, dependents back in the hometown–villages, motorbikes instalments. They heard – then knew – of the indiscretions and bullyism of certain senior officers. Our trio became vulnerable to bribes and corrupt practices. One was kicked out of the Force and one resigned to use his police skills and knowledge in other unacceptable areas.


What is to be done?

To personalise this a little bit, let me declare that I have always supported the old Force. Mainly because of diverse family ties who all served during the ’fifties and ’eighties. Now, it’s a generational thing. The hearts and minds of today’s recruits are not subjected to the moral values of times past. The influence of partisan political connections. The lure of rogue-behaviour activities and rewards; the interactions with today’s technologies and today’s smart crooks – many of whom are actual peers to the young cops – all combine to influence them to become rogues and a disgrace to unbribable Commissioner James’ Force.

I have the DFID Symonds Guyana Police Reform Recommendations at hand. There are others. This newspaper wants an update from current Commissioner James’ reforms. (Yawn!) Yes there must be structural institutional reviews, better conditions, incentives. But the challenge will always be to transform the minds of the young cops. Before, during and after their Passing Out Ceremony sit them down with the President, the ministers, pastors, pandits, moulvis, business persons, village leaders and their parents to orient and plead: be fair, responsible, professional “unbribable” Guyanese police personnel!

In some Divisions there is a partnership between police and pastors. A good attempt – Police! Remember that His Excellency, a military mind, regards you!


Accepting next elections defeat?

Look! I respect the commentaries, viewpoints and analyses of the trained political scientists and philosophers of this land.

But recall I’ve been predicting that His Excellency’s “Coalition” – especially the PNC – has decided that it cannot, must not lose the next General Elections! Whether this year or next, victory is to be by any means necessary! Programmes are there to be completed and oil revenues to be managed – and enjoyed (by all?). His Excellency’s total National Defence is on standby. And who will vote for Cde Irfaan?

However, if the “PPP DNA” kicks in and the thousands still here vote, (and other parties join Dr Bharrat), the results can be again close. Will the big two contestants accept fair, certified results that were “rig-free”? What will international observers, the ABC folks – America, Britain, Canada (the EU) find? Or support?

I ask our analysts and commentators to predict with me. Ho-ho!


Illegal Central Americans vs the righteous

I feel that a few million would-be immigrants feel that the USA actually owes them a good life – in America. America remains still a mighty magnet and land many love to hate.

There may not be too many policies from President Trump to like. But I’m with him on most of his immigration impulses. America’s infamous Amnesty Laws are to blame for what’s happening on its Southern/Mexican border. The Central American cartels and coyotes of human trafficking have trained and exploited thousands to cross into America to ask for (political/economic) “asylum”. Judges according to their current laws, must decide. It takes years and the “asylum-seekers” disappear into American societies to enjoy everything on offer.

Unlike other States, the American authorities don’t/can’t use lethal force to discourage the structured invasion. Smugglers make up fake families, send in crooks across the Rio Grande. And the Democrats, sensing future votes, seem to be encouraging illegal immigration. Whatever happened to merit-based acceptance? And how fair is the “invasion” as against thousands – including Guyanese – who are patiently, legally waiting? For years!?


Just consider…

1. Lucky lawyers! How many millions did the government and the PPP spend on attorneys appearing for them before the High Court, Appeal Court and CCJ?

2. If any attorney mentioned potential “unrest” here at the CCJ, I agree with him

3. Lovely gesture to recognise and celebrate our good nurses at the Region Four event last week.

’Til next week!

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