Latin American countries are rethinking their strategy to oust Venezuela’s dictator

Roberto Ampuero

Latin American countries that until now demanded the immediate resignation without preconditions of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro are now considering a change of strategy.

In the absence of a military rebellion that they hoped would have ousted the Venezuelan strongman by now, several members of Latin America’s 14-country Group of Lima are considering teaming up with the European Union’s International Contact Group to explore negotiations with the Maduro regime for foreign-supervised free elections in Venezuela this year, well-placed diplomatic sources say.

The European-led Contact Group has been more open to the idea of talks with the Maduro regime to seek internationally-monitored elections in Venezuela.

“Our expectation that Maduro would be out of power in a short period of time didn’t materialize,” a well-placed Group of Lima source told me. “It may be time to look at other ways to achieve the same goal.”….

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