Most people perhaps do not question the laws by which they live. There are laws of nature and also man-made laws. Laws are necessary for order and balance. There is an ancient African concept called Maat, which speaks to truth, justice, righteousness, harmony and reciprocity, which are all fundamental factors for maintaining balance in our societies.

Some of the norms we live by keep us imprisoned. In some instances, if we were to challenge the status quo, our life experiences would be more enriching. But what happens when the stability of the world we have created is threatened?

I recently watched a movie called “Bird Box,” which was released on Netflix over the holidays. Based on a 2014 novel of the same name, the film is described as a post-apocalyptic drama/thriller. The characters in “Bird Box” are quickly driven to suicide when they see an entity described as beautiful yet terrifying. What the entity is or what it looks like is left to the imagination of the viewers for it is never shown. At the start of the film, the destruction it engineers is swift. Cars crash and explode, men and women scream and run for their lives, and the gore creates a situation of hopelessness…..

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