A predator is an animal that naturally preys on others. Predators can also be a person or group that exploits others. Prey is the animal that is hunted and can also be described as a person who is a victim of exploitation or manipulation.

In our society there are many examples of exploitation and oppression.  Sexual abuse in the form of rape and incest are obvious predatory occurrences.


Children are the most vulnerable group in our society. They may not possess the knowledge or maturity to reject or overpower the predators who prey on them. It is no secret that incest is an issue in our society. Our children are also preyed on by reprobates outside their families. The fact that sexual grooming, molestation and rape exists within families is one of the greatest betrayals of the children who are victims and it is appalling that such predators are most often ignored or excused. Degenerates who initiate incest are slaves to the darkness within themselves. In all of us there is good and evil and our mission is to find equilibrium. It is clear that many, if not most, people have not found that balance and maybe do not know how. It would be interesting what revelations would be seen if most Guyanese were to sit with psychologists and share the experiences that shaped them. Children are the victims of the instabilities of the adults in their lives. It is one of the reasons they are often abused in the name of discipline…..

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