We deserve better

In my life, I have looked at my mother as a tower of strength because she survived losing a child. Surviving is what most grieving parents do for it is a loss from which most never recover.

The fact that children also die is a reminder that death is indiscriminate. Still, when it is the young who have barely experienced the joys of life and are denied the chance to grow from trials, who often in their short lives would have endured intolerable pain because of illness or have their lives cut off by way of tragedy, it is difficult to comprehend and accept.

We must stand with the parents who recently lost their children at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Curwayne Edwards, Roshani Seegobin and Sharezer Mendonca, all cancer patients, died in the month of January. There are suspicions that a medication all three children received was perhaps a factor in their deaths. The use of the drug has since been discontinued, but until investigations are completed no conclusions can be made…..