Creative people are often asked about their sources of inspiration. Sources include personal experiences, the experiences of relatives and friends, social issues, current affairs, spirituality and mysteries. There are instances when occurrences that may seem insignificant or strange can awaken a flow of thoughts. This is true not only for the creative. Most people, if they quiet themselves and seek to look beyond the surface, can discover treasures they never knew existed and which may lead to more fulfilling life experiences.

Recently, as I walked by a place of worship, the grey eyes of an old man silenced the noise and bustle for just a few moments. They were the eyes I had seen on old relatives and other elders. They were eyes that seemed to hold answers, like keys to link the present and the past. The old man’s wrinkled skin reminded me of our transient nature. He stood on the edge of the premises, beckoning me to wander inside. However, there seemed to be little activity in the building and even if there were, I still would have gently declined. Nevertheless, I left him smiling and for the next few days he would become a prominent figure in my thoughts as questions lingered about the purpose of the experience. Many would say that he was only trying to ‘win another soul’ but in seeking to look beyond the surface, I realised that there was a deeper lesson and later as I juxtaposed two occurrences that occurred within a short window of time, I began forming a narrative…..

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