This week we asked residents of Georgetown what improvements and issues they wish to see the newly sworn-in Mayor and City Council address. 

Miss Vanessa- ‘I just would like to see them coming around more to john public and seeing what the needs of the people are and what they need to do. They need to listen to the people that is here and from there they can run a better city, with better communication with the vendors. They need to establish a better relationship so the vendors would know that this is their place of business and they cherish it. They have to put some bins, got to put bins in the city in the areas that people traverse. I just want them to come out and interact with the people that’s all.’

Jeshon Henry- ‘There’s a lot of issues in the city area. I think maybe they could have more of those city policemen around the area, seeing that a lot of robberies happen in the heart of the city. Maybe they can work with the police force and the Ministry of Public Security. We all know there’s a garbage problem, hopefully they can work on that.’



Mr. Barry ‘The new mayor now doing a good work, he cleaning up, I would prefer to see a cleaner city. They are working well, it’s just that there’s a lot more places to clean up so I want to see the cleaning up continue, like how the place been before, like how we know Guyana. I never see so much of garbage in this country. I born and grow here since in the British time and never see so much garbage.’

Lloyd Harper-‘They should have a regular schedule with the garbage collectors. People must be more conscious of what they’re doing on the road, they just eat and throw things all over the place. The council should also go out more into the community and ask questions, you know and then make decisions.’


Dawn Small –‘I would like to see the place more clean and tidy in terms of the cleaning of the drains, the road and I would like for them to arrange this like this traffic that they have flowing through the market, the people should come out and walk, it’s too congested with the cars passing through I don’t like that. Where I am living things could also be better, I would like for them to help me get my farmland back and just deal with the drainage in the area. I want them to come into the community.

Roger Hinds –‘The main thing that I experience in terms of the area that I’ve been living which is Campbellville, I’ve been living there for the past 40 something years and the last time I saw that the alleyway or the drainage has been cleaned is about near 30 something years ago and these things have not been happening, I realized that they don’t have too much flood and so but I think that the drainage could still be better and the roads need to be done. The council has been doing a wonderful job so far but still you know things need to be tightened up like the garbage collection, sometimes they come, a next day it ain’t come then one time it ain’t come and a next time it come till two three days after, so that’s something that needs to tighten up. I don’t know what type of agreement the solid waste management and the people who dealing with these garbage have but these are things need to be tightened up to make the city a better place.’

Agatha George -‘We will like to see less garbage and more cleaning up. You walk around and you see garbage in plies at a different areas. It don’t look good. I live in North Sophia and there is a lot of developments we will like to see there. Our streets are very bad and we will like to see that fixed.’



R. George `We don’t have flooding now, but I will like to see the new council come into our communities and visit the people. Nobody comes and check see what the people are doing. I would also like to see some street lights in North Sophia. It is very dark in some areas and it will be good if we can have some street lights.’



Cheryl- `I will like to see them keep maintaining drains and do not clean when it is around the rainy season. They should be monitoring the way people dispose of their garbage. Also, the empty lots around the city should be cleaned and kept clean for security purposes.’

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