Sustainable Tourism Development in Guyana: 2019-2025


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Tourism is Guyana’s third largest export sector. Based on conservative estimates, it contributed $30.1 billion into our economy in 2018.  Unlike gold or oil and gas, tourism is not an extractive industry.  This means that tourism has the potential to outlive the extractive sectors, as it will continue to provide economic, social and conservation benefits over the long-term.  The challenge is to ensure Guyana’s tourism sector realises these benefits. The Guyana Tourism Strategic Action Plan: 2019-2025 was developed to address this need.  

Planning for Success

Guyana received a 15.9% increase in arrivals in 2018 of which there was a 21% increase in leisure travel (183,639 total) and a 15% increase in business travel (28,466). It is anticipated that if the current trends continue Guyana will attract more than 500,000 a year as early as 2025, which would reflect nearly doubling visitation over 10 years. This will become problematic without a stronger policy environment and investment in tourism development.  The Guyana tourism sector is already experiencing unmet market demand. We need more product that meets international safety, quality and sustainability standards.   

The Department of Tourism, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and other sister governmental agencies and private sector partners are preparing for the imminent success. The overall approach is centered on implementing sustainable destination management and development best practice that is designed to meet growing market demand and maximise the economic, social, and conservation benefits through the long-term.      ….

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