Chasing after fairer skin

“Hundred percent cashback guarantee. Looks like a South African yellow-bone with no injections at a price close to free. Our creme mixtures vary. We give you different kits, depending on the shade-tone you want to achieve. All our creames give you a natural-looking healthy brightened or whitened tone, depending on your choice…”

Thus screams an advertisement posted in January in a local popular online classifieds platform.

One thing the entire human race can agree on is that it has a problem with dark skins. Granted, white people also have a problem with it, but let’s forget them and their issues for a minute. It’s too easy and lazy to blame white people for all the problems the black race has ever encountered, but we do not want to do that here. We have the ace in our bag and can always resort to screaming ‘racism!’ whenever we need to keep them in check and on their best behaviour…..

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