No. 8 Secondary student placed on four months bond over incident with Head Teacher

Following an incident on the 1st December 2018 involving the Head Teacher (ag) of No 5 Primary School, located on the West Coast of Berbice, Gangadai Sebarat-Isaacs and a Grade 11 student of Number 8 Secondary School, the Ministry of Education has placed the student on a bond of good behaviour for four months.

A statement from the Ministry of Education yesterday said:

1. The male student and his mother were asked to visit the Ministry’s Schools’ Welfare Department. During that visit the male student proffered a different version of what transpired between himself and the Head Teacher.

2. The student tendered a written report giving his version of what took place on the day of the incident.

3. During the meeting with officials of the Ministry, the child was informed in the presence of his mother that he is now on a school bond by the Schools’ Welfare Department and must attend counselling sessions every Wednesday for four months.

4. The Ministry will continue to monitor the child and the situation even as the matter continues to engage the attention of the police.

5. The Ministry says it is not in a position to comment further on this matter since this incident is now engaging the attention of the police and the court.

The child appeared before the courts on December 12, 2018 and is to return to court on January 9, 2019. 

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