President, Cabinet unlawfully holding on to office by not resigning – Ramkarran

By not resigning, President David Granger and his Cabinet are unlawfully holding on to office, says Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran who contends that if the courts allow even a temporary respite from compliance with the constitutional provisions triggered after the passage of a no-confidence motion on December 21 in the National Assembly, it would be sanctioning an “illegality.”

“Until the (no-confidence motion) is declared by the court to have been unlawfully passed, it remains valid and binding and time is running,” Ramkarran, a former two-term Speaker of the National Assembly and now political party executive, wrote in his Conversation Tree column in the Sunday Stabroek today.

“Not yet having acted in compliance with Article 106(6) by resigning, the Cabinet including the President are unlawfully holding on to office. A court would be approbating this illegality if it allows even a temporary respite from compliance with Article 106(6), especially having regard to the fact that it is not the end of the life of the Government,” he said…..