Bids received for major Sophia infrastructural work

Major infrastructural work is slated to commence soon in the Sophia Housing Scheme, Greater Georgetown by the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

Yesterday, the agency accepted bids, which dominated the weekly tender openings at the National Procurement and Tender Administration. An estimated $982.6M  will be spent on the project in the housing area based on calculations of the engineer’s estimates.

Further, Digicel Guyana tendered a $501M bid to the Ministry of Public Telecommunications to supply, Install and Operate an Interim Satellite Base.

The companies and their bids are as follows:

Central Housing and Planning Authority

Infrastructure Upgrade at Sophia Housing Area, Georgetown

Lot 1 Section A Liliendaal

Lot 2 Section B Pattensen

Lot 3 Section C Turkeyen

Lot 4 Section D Turkeyen

Lot 5 Cummings Park

Lot 6 Interlinking Bridges- Volume 1- 3 Sections VIII, IX, I to VI and X