PPP presidential candidate hopefuls set to make case to Central Committee

-Persaud says prepared for challenge

Dr. Vindhya Persaud

The presidential candidate hopefuls for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will tomorrow and Friday make their pitches to its Central Committee on why they should lead the party into the next general and regional elections, according to Executive Secretary Zulfikar Mustapha.

The presentations will then be assessed and voting for candidates is to be done on another day when the Central Committee meets, Mustapha told Stabroek News.

Five Central Committee members have either put themselves forward or were nominated to be the candidate. They are: Irfaan Ali, Dr Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall, Dr Vindhya Persaud and Gail Teixeira.

Persaud, who was nominated, told Stabroek News, “I am prepared for the challenge” because “my heart is service-oriented. It has always been so.”….

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