Chinese association renovates Region 3 school

-as part of Arrival Day observances

The 166th anniversary of the arrival of the Chinese in  British Guiana will be celebrated on Saturday, January 12 at the Windsor Forest Primary School and in keeping with regular practice, the Association of Chinese Enterprise in Guyana has built a new school fence and recapped the school’s tarmac at an estimated cost of $3 million.

The organisation has also donated several decorative plants to enhance the aesthetics of the school and repaired the school’s playground bleachers, the Department of Public Information  DPI said in a release yesterday.

General Secretary of the association, Jason Wang told the DPI that the school is always included as part of their yearly budgetary spending,

“We have a track record of doing work at the school and that will continue as part of our duty. In 2013, we fixed the playground by doing some landfilling and we also built the two bleachers. We have maintained the bleachers and this year we rebuilt the fence and recapped the tarmac. Next year, we plan to do more to benefit the students and teachers. Last year, we donated some sports gears among other things. This village has a rich history for us as you may know the first President of this beautiful country Mr.(Arthur)  Chung was from this village and the monument that recognises our arrival to this country is erected right in this school compound, so we have a mandate to contribute here and we will fulfill that mandate,” Wang was quoted as saying.

Regional Executive Officer, Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, expressed her appreciation for the work done and encouraged others within the business fraternity to join the association in fulfilling their corporate responsibility.

“The Chinese have always been our friends and we are thankful for the recent development at the Windsor Forest Primary School. The environment is now safer for our students and no longer will the teachers complain about flooding. Indeed, this village and school have a rich history for our Chinese brothers and sisters and really and truly I am extremely happy to know that they are assisting in bettering our community,” noted Ferreira-Dougall.

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