Foreign Ministry confirms seeking explanation from Canadian High Commission on `breaches of protocol’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today confirmed that it has formally approached the Canadian High Commission in Georgetown seeking an explanation regarding what it said were certain breaches of protocol.

A statement today from the ministry said that in keeping with normal diplomatic procedures a Note was dispatched on Monday 7 January to the High Commission and meetings were subsequently held on Wednesday 9 January and today with the Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is duty bound to seek clarification on reports of breaches of diplomatic protocol by a foreign mission. This process in ongoing and the Ministry is working with the Canadian High Commission to ensure that the matter reaches a satisfactory conclusion”, the statement added.

The alleged breaches pertain to a Canadian diplomat accompanying former APNU+AFC MP, Charrandass Persaud to the EFCIA at Ogle on December 22nd to board a flight to Barbados. The Canadian diplomat obtained a protocol pass to accompany Persaud to the boarding of the flight.

Persaud’s vote the day before caused the defeat of the government in a motion of no-confidence which requires new general elections in 90 days. Threatening language had been directed at Persaud in parliament after the vote and he later explained that he sought assistance from the High Commission as he felt he was in danger. Diplomatic observers have noted that seeking such help is not unusual.

Since Persaud’s vote, he has been targeted by the government and its agencies on several fronts: transit through the airport, being involved in alleged bribery and being ineligible to vote in the National Assembly by virtue of his use of a Canadian passport.


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