Our national security: Syndicatos and Russians

-`Majority’ – when meanings matter

How diverse can I attempt to get on this eleventh day of Guyana’s New Year? Well today’s offering is a darn good try – as I roam from national security to health care to legal consequences of Charrandass’ “conscience”.

Just a few commentators were forceful in their assessments of Venezuela’s presumptuous contempt for our economic maritime zone, amidst the more sensitive, political, controversial no-confidence vote. Surely every prominent citizen who sees himself or herself as some level of leader must wage battle and defence against this naked aggression from the Venezuelan “leadership” against our American investors – and our sovereignty.

But just for a little background and context. Our current President, embracing his undoubted military – strategist persona, dubbed certain communities along our western border as “Frontline” communities. Put simply, he meant such hinterland and riverain locations, through all loyal and patriotic residents – especially their leaders, councillors and officials – must be the eyes and ears always ready to alert the more central, coastal authorities about unfriendly, suspicious strangers. Even about local troublemakers or saboteurs…..

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