Salesman awaits sentencing over theft of GPH midwife’s phone

A salesman is now on bail pending his sentencing after he pleaded “guilty with explanation” to a charge that he stole a midwife’s cellular phone.

The charge against Shawn Smith alleged that on January 7th, at New Market Street, he stole a $100,000 cellphone belonging to Kathleen Bristol.

After pleading “guilty with explanation” to the charge read by Georgetown Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus, Smith told the court that he found the phone on a bench and he picked it up 15 minutes prior to a search that was launched for it. Smith then said that he declared he had the phone before he was aware of the search that was being conducted. However, the police prosecutor said Bristol, who at that time was on-duty at the Guyana Public Hospital (GPH), noticed that her handbag, which she had placed on a chair in a room that was assigned to her, was missing. She looked for the handbag and eventually found it on another chair. Upon checking the handbag, she discovered that her phone was missing and she immediately alerted security…..

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