Suspect in Bush Lot farmers’ murder surrenders to police

Romeo Jeenarine

One of the main suspects in the recent murders of Bush Lot farmers Harricharran and Premcharran Samaroo yesterday surrendered to the police in Berbice.

He has since been placed into custody for questioning as the investigation continues.

Romeo Jeenarine, 18, of Lot 439 Bush Lot Village, Corentyne, turned himself over at the Whim Police Station minutes after 9 am yesterday in the presence of his attorney, Charlyn Artiga.

Artiga yesterday told Stabroek News that the matter was still under investigation, hence she was not aware as to what evidence the police had against her client at that time. “A wanted bulletin was issued but there was a confusion with the name,” she said, while noting that her client is cooperating with the police in relation to their investigation. 

The Samaroos were killed two Mondays ago at their mother’s house, located at Lot 446 Bush Lot Village, Corentyne.

Stabroek News was told that the men were shot after they rushed to their mother’s backyard to investigate sounds of a gunshot. The bandits escaped with less than $80,000 in US and Guyanese currency.

However, on Monday afternoon wanted bulletins were issued for Yougendra Jeenarine, 28, of Lot 439 Bush Lot Village, Corentyne and Kelvin Shivgobin, 32, of Belvedere Village, Corentyne.

Stabroek News subsequently confirmed that Yougendra Jeenarine, also known as ‘Chris,’ was in custody and that investigators were actually on the hunt for his younger brother, Romeo, also known as ‘Rommie.’ This publication was told that Yougendra Jeenarine, who was arrested four days after the incident, was released on Wednesday on $100,000 bail.

Meanwhile, according to information gathered, the police believe that the younger Jeenarine may have had some knowledge of the attack since he was present imbibing with the deceased a short while before they were murdered.

A brother of the deceased, Dipnarine Samaroo, explained that he along with the two deceased and Jeenarine were imbibing at his mother’s house on the night in question.

The man on Wednesday claimed, that around minutes after 7 pm he left to go purchase a few beers from a supermarket on the Bush Lot Village Public Road.

He said, “Me left and gone and then me see Rommie come behind me at the supermarket and then when me and he deh a come back me hear them kill me brother and we run go. Rommie help me lift me brother from back and bring he to front then he left.”

Stabroek News on Wednesday visited the supermarket and spoke with sales persons who were present there on the evening of December 31st. Two sales persons confirmed that both Jeenarine and Samaroo were present at the shop until about 7.30 pm on said night.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing to hunt for Shivgobin. Sources close to him claimed yesterday that he may have fled to Suriname, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

The Samaroo brothers were both laid to rest on Wednesday at the Bush Lot Village, Corentyne burial ground.

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