More than a survivor: Leonard Marks surmounts tragedy, emerges as an author

Leonard Marks’ first published book

Leonard Marks is the perfect example of not allowing a tragedy to define one’s future. Losing his wife and a leg following a traffic incident saw him forced to change course and though faced with further hardships he persevered and attained his new dream of becoming an author.

With one published book and two almost completed, Marks has put years into informing, edifying and changing life directions. His published book of poetry titled Two Young Birds, focuses on love, courtship and marriage. One of the two almost completed books will assist children in coping with studies and school and the other, a second book of poetry, speaks to Guyana’s diverse and rich history.

But 28 years ago, he was a University of Guyana final year student in electrical engineering and being an author was not on Marks’s radar. Everything changed on December 15, 1990 in the vicinity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge when a truck slammed into the motorcycle he was riding and on which his wife was pillion rider…..

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