NA Town Council collected record-breaking $54.3M in property taxes last year

The New Amsterdam Town Hall (Department of Public Information photo)

For 2018, the New Amsterdam Town Council collected $54.3 million in property taxes and $18 million in interest on arrears collected.

According to a Department of Public Information (DPI) report that was published on Thursday, this is the first time in the history of the municipality that the tax collection has surpassed the $50 million mark and it represents a five-fold increase over the amount collected for the year 2017. In addition, it has successfully collected 78 per cent of its budgeted taxes for the year 2018, the DPI release added.

The Town’s Treasurer, Kerriann Edwards, is quoted as saying that the milestone was achieved as a result of the emphasis placed on visiting homes last year to encourage persons to pay their outstanding amounts. She noted, however, that on many occasions, they found that no one was occupying the property, and the lot would be taken over with thick vegetation. Many of those property owners currently reside overseas…..

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