Shuman giving up Canadian citizenship to lead new Liberty and Justice Party to polls

Presidential candidate of the newly-launched Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) Lenox Shuman yesterday announced that he will be giving up his Canadian citizenship to vie for a seat in the National Assembly.

“Because of a firm commitment to making a difference in Guyana and as a parliamentarian who swears to uphold the Constitution of Guyana, my first act cannot be to break the law,” Shuman said last evening to a round of applause at the launch of the LJP at the Georgetown Club, where he also disclosed that the party had already attracted an offer of a $100 million donation but refused it because it was unsure of the source.

The LJP, which Shuman has been instrumental in founding, has as it symbol two hands of different colours clasping. It has identified itself with the colour, blue.

The launch, held in the dining area/ballroom of the Georgetown Club, was packed…..