Judge says to rule on no-confidence case before monthend

Chief Justice Roxane George

Chief Justice Roxane George said today that it is her intention to hand down a decision before the end of the month in the various cases that have been brought in the aftermath of the  December 21st, 2018  vote of no confidence against the government.

She also said she wouldn’t entertain a request by lawyers for a stay of the successful motion of no confidence which triggered a 90-day timeframe for the holding of general elections. She cited the closeness of the timelines.

She addressed the case management of all three cases filed in the aftermath of the vote by former APNU+AFC MP Charrandass Persaud against the government which triggered its fall. These cases pertain to his alleged invalid vote as a result of holding dual citizenship and the question of what the majority vote should have been. There is also an action  by Christopher Ram seeking a declaration that the motion of no confidence was valid.

The Chief Justice also granted applications by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and Chairman of APNU, Joseph Harmon to be added to the matter filed by Compton Reid alleging that the vote by  Persaud was invalid.

The roads around the court were blocked off. The police manning the barriers said that it was because of the case.

Many persons turned up but were not allowed inside the courtroom owing to the limited seating.

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