Venezuelans held with grenades deny being ‘Sindicato’ members

-say they were forced by gang to carry explosives

Eulice Manoeiro

Two Venezuelan men, who police claim are suspected to be senior members of the notorious Sindicato gang, were yesterday remanded to prison after they were charged with the illegal possession of grenades, which they were found with during an interception on the Cuyuni River last Thursday.

However, through a translator, Luis Gonzalez and Daniel Contreras both told acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus that they were forced to hide the grenades on their persons by Sindicato gang members who were travelling in the same boat when it was intercepted by police. Both men said they were threatened.

Gonzalez, and Contreras, both 27, were separately charged with having a hand grenade in their possession on January 17th, at Mode Hole, Cuyuni River…..

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