Witness denies falsely implicating accused in Met-en-meerzorg grocer’s murder

Zulfikar Namdar

Nick Skeete, a cousin of one of the seven persons on trial for the 2013 murder of Met-en-meerzorg grocer Zulfikar Namdar, yesterday denied fabricating a story implicating the accused to avoid being charged in connection with the man’s death.

Skeete, a cousin of Allan Dorsett, who had implicated the men in the September, 2013 fatal robbery, vehemently denied the suggestions which were put to him yesterday during cross-examination by attorneys Nigel Hughes, Adrian Thompson and George Thomas at the High Court.

Dorsett, called ‘Baird,’ ‘Fat Man,’ ‘Allan’ and ‘Dada;’ Delwayne Croft; Esan Lawrence, called ‘Muscle;’ Jermaine Williams, called ‘Yankee;’ Andrew Chandler, called ‘Sonic;’ Samuel Bacchus, called ‘Kirk’ and Cassandra Dorsett, also known as Cassandra Singh-Dorsett are accused of murdering Namdar, called ‘Vicky,’ during the furtherance of a robbery committed on September 10th, 2013, at Met-en-meerzorg, West Coast Demerara…..

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