Kitty woman charged with impersonating sister for passport

Unique Angelica Hope

A Kitty woman, who was wanted by the police for allegedly making a false declaration for a passport, was yesterday charged with the crime and granted bail after she proclaimed her innocence.

Unique Angelica Hope stood before Senior Magistrate Faith McGusty, who read a charge which stated that on January 17th, 2018, at the Central Immigration and Passport Office, for the purpose or procuring a new passport, she made a false statement, that is, she signed a written declaration stating that she was Coretta Hope, knowing same to be false.

Hope, of Lot 126 Thomas Street, Kitty, pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Police Prosecutor Annalisa Brummell objected to the accused being granted bail, citing the gravity of the charge and the penalty it attracts. She then noted that when Hope was given her first passport under the name Unique Angelica Hope, she went to Barbados but overstayed and was deported. Upon her return to Guyana, she reportedly obtained another passport under the name Onika Ann Benjamin and returned to Barbados but was once again deported after overstaying her time. When she returned to Guyana, it is alleged that Hope went to the Central Immigration and Passport Office with her mother and gave her name as Coretta Hope, who is her sister.

Her mother, the prosecutor noted, told the immigration officer that she was indeed Coretta, knowing very well she was not. The prosecutor then told the court that the defendant has two passports in the name Onika Benjamin after claiming that one was damaged. The court also heard that investigations are ongoing and other charges are likely to be brought against Hope.

Magistrate McGusty later granted the accused her release on $100,000 bail, with the condition that all her passports are to be lodged with the court.

The matter was then adjourned until February 6th.

A wanted bulletin was issued for the accused by the police on January 10th under the name Onika Benjamin.


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