Canada deems ‘criminally inadmissible’ persons whose trials are in progress

Irfaan Ali (centre) flanked by PPP/C supporters as he addressed members of the media outside of the courtroom last year.

The advice offered to PPP presidential candidate Irfaan Ali by the Canadian High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago appears to be in line with the country’s laws related to “criminal inadmissibility” of Foreign Nationals.

On Monday, Ali, 38, was told by Canada not to travel there as a result of the 19 charges brought against him by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) in November last year and he has been given 30 days to respond.

According to the Immigration and Citizenship website of the Canadian Government, a person charged with a crime outside of Canada and whose trial is still underway is deemed “criminally inadmissible” and likely cannot enter the country.

Ali’s trial on the 19 charges has….

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