Mining slowdown has resulted in fewer Brazilians in city

-some businesses affected

The office of P&A Transportation and Accommodation.

Chances of seeing groups of Brazilians congregating in the bustling capital are very slim these days, and business have reported a decrease in the numbers of those travelling to the city.

A few years back, this was not the case, as Brazilians poured into the city and could be seen liming at popular spots such as Rockies Hotel, Sunflower Restaurant, at businesses along Robb Street, particularly between Light and Oronoque streets, and at many stores on Regent Street.

The obvious decline in the numbers has taken a toll on niche businesses which offer accommodation, transportation and culinary services to the target group. Businesses have attributed the decline in visiting nationals from Guyana’s southern neighbour to the changed fortunes of mining camps, fluctuations in the price of gold and the documentation required for Brazilian miners…..

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