EU ups pressure over no-confidence vote

-calls on all stakeholders to uphold constitution

-says looks forward to elections `being held as appropriate’

Stating that it is carefully following developments connected to the December 21 motion of no-confidence, the European Union (EU) yesterday upped the pressure on the Guyana Government,  calling on all stakeholders to uphold the constitution.

The EU did not identify any particular stakeholder but the statement would be interpreted by political watchers to be referring to the government which has been accused of breaching the constitution and disregarding a decision of the court on Thursday in relation to the motion of no confidence.

The EU’s statement comes on the heels of another on Friday by United Nations Resident Representative, Mikiko Tanaka who said that she hoped that the  “Executive, will demonstrate its integrity and respect of Guyana’s constitution and the judiciary that constitute the foundations of rule of law and good governance”…..

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