PPP/C supporters protest for polls by March deadline

PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo (standing at centre) surrounded by supporters at yesterday’s protest. (Photo by Terrence Thompson)

Over 100 People’s Progressive Party\Civic (PPP\C) members and supporters took to the streets of Kingston, in Georgetown yesterday to protest for the holding of general and regional elections by the three-month deadline set out by the constitution in the wake of the passage of the no-confidence motion against government on December 21st.

PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo said the purpose of the protest, which was held in the vicinity of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) headquarters, was to send a message to the elections body and the government that they “will not tolerate any disrespect for our constitution.”

“The legislature has spoken. The judiciary has now spoken and so, now, we need to start the preparation for elections within the constitutionally due time. We are prepared to ratchet this up as long as it takes to ensure that this government respects the constitution, because this is not about what the government wants or the People’s Progressive Party, what we want, this is about the supreme law of the country. That law has been violated now, consistently so, by this government,” he said…..

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