No significant threat to education institutions – police

Citing public mischief, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) today said that there is no significant threat from warnings to various educational institutions and it said that imminent arrests are expected.

A statement from the GPF follows:

Following the recent events where schools and the university of Guyana were receiving bomb threats, the Guyana Police Force wishes to indicate clearly to the general public and specifically to students, teachers, parents/guardians of the schools , the university and its auxiliaries that from our investigations there is no significant threat. Our investigations have revealed so far that students either by themselves or with other persons decided to be mischievous and endeavour to disrupt the existing peace and calm in society and specifically in the education sectors.

It should be noted that the Guyana Police Force through the Commissioner of Police and other dedicated Officers, has taken all the necessary actions to date as a responsible organization should, in relation to the current situation.

To this end the Commissioner, the Deputy Crime Chief and a team of Officers last evening met with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Ivelaw Griffith as well as the Deputy Vice Chancellor, and other Senior Functionaries including the Public Relations Officer Ms. Paulette Paul, where the situation was assessed and they were advised that the situation arose from mischievous students, either by themselves or other persons; therefore there is no need for panic or any undue concern.

However, the Police Force continues to investigate and the arrest and detention of persons is very much imminent.

Any further development would be similarly communicated; as a reminder the situation is one that is purely domestic in origin as was previously mentioned.

The Force wishes to urge persons to desist from so disrupting the school sector and by extension the calm in society, lest they face arrest and criminal charges.

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