APNU+AFC supporters protest for house-to-house registration

Some of the APNU+AFC protesters. (Terrence Thompson photo)

Just over 200 government supporters yesterday protested near the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to demand that house-to-house registration be conducted before the next general and regional elections are held.

“No registration! No election! The youth must vote!” were the chants of those gathered in the vicinity of the commission’s Kingston, Georgetown headquarters during the lunch-time protest.

The protestors, who included four government ministers, the Georgetown Mayor and several city councillors, were prevented by police from protesting in front of the GECOM building on High Street, Kingston as barricades were placed along High Street at the intersections with Lamaha and Cowan streets. They, however, maximized the space between the barricades and the Ministry of Finance as they proclaimed their position…..

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