Route 32 bus goes up in flames after Hague accident

The charred minibus

A Route 32 (Georgetown-Parika) minibus went up in flames yesterday afternoon after a collision with a utility pole at Hague, West Coast Demerara.

According to information received, the bus, which had passengers on board, was proceeding east along the northern carriageway around 1.45 pm when the driver reportedly lost control and hit a utility pole. The bus landed on its side and burst into flames shortly after.  Some at the scene indicated that the driver hit a vehicle, lost control and slammed into the utility pole where a live wire fell on the minibus and caused the fire. One man, who asked not to be named, said, “The bus man been driving fast, fast and he lash a car then topple over to the lantern post. People been trying fuh come out de bus then de wire fall on the bus and spark, suh de fire start.”

In a video seen by Stabroek News, the driver of the bus was heard inquiring if anyone died as a result of the accident. The unidentified driver, who was asked by persons around what happened, stated that he went to a gas station earlier. “Me go gas station right and the gas man open the tank and he ah tell me ’bout me gas pitch up,” he related. He added that after he left the gas station, he was driving and saw the fire. In the one minute video clip, the driver did not say what caused the accident…..

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