Berbice schools get new science labs

A science experiment underway (Ministry of Education photo)

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry on Wednesday commissioned brand new science laboratories at the Canje Secondary School, Vryman’s Erven Secondary School and the Berbice Educational Institute, all located in Region Six.

According to Kim Williams-Stephens, Regional Executive Officer for Region Six, the Canje Secondary School and the Vryman’s Erven labs cost some $14.3 million each to construct, while the lab at the Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) cost some $15.1 million. Stephens noted that buildings had to be erected at the Canje Secondary School and Vryman’s Erven Secondary School to house the labs, while the BEI had a portion of a building available where the lab was installed.

Henry during a brief interview stressed that she is working towards ensuring that every secondary school is equipped with a science lab at a minimum…..

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