Private Queenstown entryways marked in error for Mash vending, M&CC says

Deputy Solid Waste Director Floyd Rawlins (left), pointing to a spot marked with an ‘X’, which indicates vendors are not allowed to sell at that location.

Responding to concerns from Queenstown residents about vending spots being situated at the entrances of properties, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) says that the demarcation was done in error.

“Our floor plan does not have the marking to permit vending in front of residents’ entrances. It was a little error and we will be correcting it. These spots will not be sold,” Deputy Director of Solid Waste, Floyd Rawlins, told Stabroek News on Friday during a site visit.

The M&CC had announced plans to sell spots to vendors who wish to vend along the Mashramani route, which will begin at Carifesta Avenue, lead to Vlissingen road, then end at D’Urban Park…..

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