Grove man found stabbed to death

Deceased: Rohan Persaud

The body of a 52-year-old man was yesterday discovered at Grove, East Bank Demerara. The man has been identified as Rohan Persaud, called Ravi, of Tulip Street, Grove, East Bank Demerara.

The body was discovered through an alleyway just a few corners away from Persaud’s home, with the stomach split and the intestines protruding onto the passageway.

According to residents, the body was found sometime early yesterday morning, after one resident was making their way through the said alleyway. One resident, who asked not to be named, stated that Persaud is well known in the area, as he does odd jobs for his neighbours.

The woman stated that she, along with other neighbours, saw Persaud passing her home twice on Tuesday night, along with two other young men. “He pass here ‘bout two time last night, he and the same boys up and down they been. He hear that one of the boys he went with send he home cause he been drunk but he didn’t go. This morning when I went out there, I see the body how all he stomach outside”, the woman said.

The passageway where Rohan Persaud’s body was found

Another resident, who identified herself as Ms. Bryce, looks over Persaud, as his family members live abroad. Bryce stated that Tuesday afternoon around 5pm, the man, along with two others, went out. “He and two boy pass out hay 5:30 well dressed. This morning is one of me neighbour come and tell me Ravi deh through the track dead. Deh buss he belly but everybody see he and these two boy whole night. Apparently like deh kill he deh since last night (Tuesday night) and leff he deh” said Bryce.

Residents also stated that police officers were in the area around 8am yesterday to do initial investigations and remove the body. 

Reports received indicate that two persons were arrested by the police in relation to the murder. According to information received, one of the suspects had allegedly been involved with the deceased’s common-law wife, who had moved out of the home previously. Persaud and one of the suspects allegedly got into a quarrel after he had accused the man of having relations with his reputed wife. As a result, a scuffle ensued and the suspect allegedly took a weapon and stabbed Persaud in his abdomen, which caused him to fall to the ground. The two suspects then made their escape.

They are, however, currently in police custody assisting with investigations.


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