Family seeks answers after baby dies at GPH

-investigation launched

Quavo Forde

The family of a baby who allegedly suffered burns at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), and who was discharged but subsequently readmitted and died there, are calling for answers and the hospital says an investigation has been launched.

Quavo Forde, born prematurely in December, 2018, succumbed on February 8th, just one month and three-weeks after his birth. An autopsy was done yesterday but the slip issued by the GPH pathology laboratory did not state the cause of death, raising further questions amongst family members, including parents Odessa Forde and Derwin Harding of La Penitence, Georgetown.

When contacted by Stabroek News, the GPH’s Public Relations Officer said that an investigation into the matter is ongoing and was unable to provide any further information.

Relatives told Stabroek News that Quavo was born prematurely and was in the GPH’s Intensive Care Unit. Stabroek News was told that during one of his mother’s frequent visits in January, she observed that the child had injuries to his left hand and other parts of his body.

This caused the family to question the events surrounding the injuries the child suffered but they were not provided with suitable answers. The mother was later informed that a nurse also suffered burns to her hand when she allegedly attempted to rescue the child. However, the family emphasised that no one would give them adequate answers regarding what exactly happened to the baby.

With mounting agitation, relatives continued to press for information but rather than receiving the information they longed for, Quavo was instead discharged from the hospital on January 21st.

The child’s grandmother, Sharon Harding, said that while the child was at home, she would hear him groaning and the areas where he was seemingly burnt became swollen. Quavo was subsequently readmitted to the GPH on February 7th, 2019 and passed away the following day.

The autopsy yesterday did not provide a cause of death, raising further questions. Relatives said that all they want is proper answers from the authorities about what exactly happened to Quavo as they remain in the dark. 

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