Inderjeet Beharry, of ‘Indi’ curry powder fame, dies

Inderjeet Beharry

Prominent businessman Inderjeet Beharry, whose name ‘Indi’ graces the popular curry powder produced by the Beharry Group, died yesterday. He was 78.

Inderjeet was the eldest son of late business magnate Edward Beharry, who built the Beharry Group into one of the largest business conglomerates in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Tributes flowed from President David Granger, former President Donald Ramotar and the Private Sector Commission (PSC).

A statement from the Ministry of the Presidency said that Granger was saddened at the businessman’s passing.

“Mr Beharry is the son of Guyanese business magnate, the late Mr Edward Beharry of the Edward B. Beharry Group of Companies. In 2016, President Granger conferred Mr Beharry with the insignia of the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH), the country’s third highest National Award.  President Granger expresses sympathy to his wife, Mrs Shazeda Beharry, his children Suresh, Anil and Praharshanie and his other relatives, colleagues and friends,” the statement said.

Former President Ramotar remembered ‘Indi’ as a warm person who believed in Guyana and always had plans of developing this country’s economic sector. “Indi made a very important contribution to the family business, thus making it one of the leading names in Guyana and the Caribbean. He has made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Guyana and those will always be remembered. He is a household name and I don’t think there is any home that has not used the Indi curry brand,” Ramotar said.  

“I have had the opportunity to meet with him and he was always such a warm character; warm personality, always open to talk and sharing uplifting sentiments. I will always remember the fond memories of our meetings,” he added.

Former President of the PSC Eddie Boyer reflected on the times spent with his business associate and longtime friend.

“The Beharry name is a household name in Guyana and Indi was a very senior member of the group. I knew him for over fifty something years and he has always been down to earth and very humble. Whenever we met or he would call, he was always jovial and the embodiment of humbleness. When I think of him, two things come to mind; down to earth and friendly,” Boyer said.

“In the business community, his death would be considered a very great loss to Guyana. The thought of losing someone of that stature is a blow to the business community. He had retired and was out of the business but was there to support. He kept up-to-date on what was happening in the business environment and overall would call and talk about what is happening in Guyana. We at the Private Sector Commission sympathise with his wife and family because we know family meant a lot to him and his was a very close knitted one. He definitely would be missed indeed,” he added.

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GM&SA) said that members of that body were saddened to learn of Beharry’s passing, even as it hailed the Beharry Group for the support it has given to the private sector, especially the GM&SA.

“The Beharry Group has been one of the long-standing members of the association and up to this day continues to give us enormous support; that is to the GMSA and the promotion of local manufacturing and the advancement of local manufacturing. They have been extremely supportive and has been one of the main sponsors of the ‘Uncapped’ initiative also. At this time, the GMSA wants to join with the private sector in expressing our heartfelt condolences,” President of the GMSA, Shyam Nokta, told this newspaper.

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