UG students, maritime staff trained on offshore oil and gas activities

Nandalal Aher (DPI photo)

The Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG) has completed a three-day oil and gas training programme on offshore activities, and in the coming months will be offering more comprehensive and direct programmes, Global Business head for the company, Nandalal Aher said.

Aher spoke to Stabroek News on Thursday afternoon at the Pegasus Hotel, where he explained that they recently wrapped up a three-day workshop that was attended by students from the University of Guyana and the Government Technical Institute (GTI), along with representatives from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD).

“We conducted offshore operations and system training for University students and staff from Maritime. So this training was all about offshore operations; how drilling works, what happens with different safety systems, what is required for oil and gas offshore… it was exclusive training on safety and various systems such as the drilling systems— how the actual oil comes out, how the actual drilling is happening— and we covered that in three days,” Aher, who also conducted the training said, while pointing out that 13 persons participated in the workshop.

The company opened their local office last September and has been in the industry for over three decades.

Aher said that they have expertise in the offshore oil and gas industry and along with Maritime, also do consultancy worldwide for offshore related matters.

“So this was the first time in Guyana and as you know the Guyana market is coming up now in oil and gas and I think we are trying to promote the local content and the whole intention is for the local students and local engineers who want to work offshore,” he added.

In terms of their future plans, Aher noted that going forward they will be offering programmes along the lines of offshore safety training and specialised drilling courses and how wells are designed.

Country Manager of the GMCG, Gail Stoll, also pointed out that the activity was for the company to introduce themselves to the country and what they offer.

“This is the first offshore workshop that was done but last year we did some training in International Ship Management (ISM), International Ship Port Security (ISPS) and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) training,” she said.

While the programmes will come at a cost, Stoll pointed out that they will be giving students discounts to encourage their participation and local content growth.

“The cost varies based on the training. We are trying to support the education [sector] and that’s why we are working with the UG and the technical institute students and that’s why we are giving them discounts,” she said, while noting that the courses will vary from US$1200 to US$1400 but would drop to around US$800 for students.

The company was established in 1988 and provides  technical and legal training and management consultancy in the shipping and offshore sectors. They currently have over 100 offices in over 100 cities and ports around the world.

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