GECOM to tell president can’t meet poll deadline

-to launch house-to-house registration

-PPP calls for international intervention

By majority decisions that saw Chairman James Patterson use his casting vote, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has determined that it will advise President David Granger that the 90-day constitutional deadline for general elections cannot be met and will continue with its approved work plan for the year, including a national house-to-house registration process.

The decisions were based on advice received from the Ministry of Finance, which noted that the approved annual budget of a constitutional agency, such as GECOM, shall not be altered without the approval of the National Assembly. However, the opposition PPP yesterday challenged the advice and accused GECOM of toeing the government line and pushing the country closer to a constitutional crisis. As a result, it made a call for international intervention.

Following a statutory Commission meeting yesterday, PPP/C-nominated commissioner Robeson Benn told reporters that the Commission had voted to advise that GECOM cannot make the 90-day timeline as was established by the passage of a no-confidence vote against the government; that it needs money for elections; and that it would continue with its normal activities…..

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