No-confidence appeal case postponed

-Attorney General ordered to correct glaring errors in submissions

Basil Williams

Attorney General Basil Williams was yesterday told that he needed to correct glaring errors in the court documents he filed challenging two of the High Court decisions in the no-confidence case, before the Court of Appeal can hear his applications for a stay of those judgments and conservatory orders to keep the President, the Cabinet and government in place until the appeals are heard and determined.

Justice of Appeal Rishi Persaud was not persuaded by the continuous protest and arguments emanating from Williams SC. At the start of the proceedings, the judge made it clear that he could not hear the cases as they did not list all the respondents. In the AG’s case against Christopher Ram, which was the first to be called, he pointed out too that a fresh Notice of Appeal was filed and though it listed all of the respondents, it was dated February 15 while the accompanying summons is dated February 5.

“We have a problem here…this summons for stay would predate this Notice of Appeal…the summons hangs onto the original Notice of Appeal filed where you did not add the Leader of the Opposition,” Justice Persaud informed…..

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