Police, energy dept officials to be required to declare assets

-defaulters facing legal action

Kumar Doraisami

Senior police and Department of Energy (DoE) officials are to be added to the list of public officers required to declare their assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission, the constitutional body’s Chairman Kumar Doraisami says.

And with less than half of those required to do so, filing their declarations thus far, the body is moving to take legal action, he said at the commission’s inaugural press conference yesterday.

The commission, which was reconstituted almost a year ago, has sent out a total of 1306 declaration forms, out of which 716 are yet to be returned. Legal action will be pursued, and this is expected to coincide with next month’s employment of a legal/compliance officer and the publication of the names of all the defaulters, Doraisami said. 

According to the Integrity Commission Act, every person who is a person in public life, not being a member of the Commission, is required to file a declaration every year on or before June 30th and in cases where such persons cease to be a person in public life, within 30 days from the date on which the person ceases to be a person in public life…..

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