‘I didn’t panic’– cop injured in plane crash

The police top brass visiting Constable Michael Grimmond (Police photo)

Constable Mark Grimmond who was injured when a single-engine plane crashed on the West Demerara on Monday says that he never panicked  and went about trying to enlist help.

According to a police press release today, Grimmond said: “While the plane was in the process of downing, I did not panic, I kept my composure and pull my seatbelt as tight as it could have gotten; as the plane fell into the bushes and after the impact the deceased which was in the plane at the time came into direct contact with me and I pushed the body off as the plane came to a halt.

“After that I tore my shirt and wrapped it around my injured face and proceeded to kick open a window and while exiting I suffered more injuries about my body; as I got out of the plane I used my police belt to climb a very huge tree to see if I would get any signal; in the process I used my earpiece and after finding signal as my phone battery was approaching low, I called my Sergeant and my wife and told them of the ordeal”.

Constable Grimmond added that that even though he was never trained to shoot distress flares, he would have looked at several videos, resulting in him assisting the Pilot, Lincoln Gomez in doing such.

In the crash that occurred behind the Canal No.2 Conservancy, both Gomez and Grimmond sustained injuries. At the time of the crash they had been transporting the body of a US missionary who had died in a climbing accident at Arau in Region Seven.

The police press release today said that Grimmond is in high spirits and recovering well from a fractured jaw and other injuries. He is in the St Joseph Mercy Hospital.

Today, Commissioner of Police Leslie James; his four Deputies, Paul Williams,  Maxine Graham,  Nigel Hoppie and  Lyndon Alves along with the Force’s Public Relations and Press Officer Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan and Force Welfare Officer Deputy Superintendent Jewel Hayles-Sullivan visited the injured policeman and offered him words of comfort and advice.

The release said that the Commissioner and team as well as the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Colonel (Ret’d) Enoch Wayne Gaskin assured Constable Grimmond of their full support and commended him for his bravery and heroism.

“You have displayed much bravery and you will be commended after your full recovery; if wasn’t for you we would not have known about the whereabouts of the crash; you are a hero, you are brave and God be with you” the Top Cop said to Grimmond, according to the release.

Grimmond is stationed at the Eteringbang Police Station.

Commissioner James said that all ranks working at interior locations will be trained by experts to handle any similar situation especially as it relates to the shooting of distress flares.


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