Jagdeo says ball in president’s court for meeting on looming ‘crisis’

Bharrat Jagdeo

Despite continuing to voice concerns that the country is heading towards a “constitutional crisis” as elections are not expected to be held by the constitutional deadline set by last December’s passage of a no-confidence motion against government, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday ruled out the possibility of him requesting another meeting with President David Granger.

“Since when I have to be the only responsible one as the Leader of the Opposition? So far, we have been the most responsible opposition,” Jagdeo told a press conference yesterday, while noting that he is exploring legal options and expects both international condemnation and the imposition of personal sanctions on members of the government if the polls are not held by next month’s deadline.

By majority votes, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Tuesday decided that it would advise President Granger that the 90-day constitutional deadline for general elections cannot be met and that it will continue with its approved work plan for the year, including a national house-to-house registration process. Jagdeo’s party, the PPP/C, has been calling on GECOM to prepare for elections as a consequence of the December 21st vote on the confidence motion…..

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