Teen miner dies after being crushed by pit wall

A 17-year-old miner of Imbaimadai, Upper Mazaruni River, died yesterday afternoon after a wall in the mining pit he was working in collapsed and crushed him.

Romeo Ruben reportedly succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical attention at the Imbaimadai Health Centre.

Police said at around 2 pm, Ruben and others were working in the pit, located at Gold Hill Backdam, Upper Mazaruni River, when a section of the eastern wall collapsed and crushed him. Shortly after, his co-workers ran to his rescue and were able to retrieve him. He was alive at that point.

He was immediately rushed to the Imbaimadai Health Centre for emergency medical attention but subsequently died.

Ruben was employed by Kevon Kellman, of Scottsburg Housing Scheme, Berbice.

There continue to be regular deaths in the mining sector due to unsafe practices and a past inquiry had determined that many operators practice “short cuts” in the digging of mining pits, which lead to greater instability, especially in the rainy season. nforcement operations have been held to ensure safer mining practices but the number of fatal accidents remains high.

Just over two weeks ago, Timothy Hunter, 54, a pitman of Jawalla Village, Upper Mazaruni River, was discovered unconscious among the debris of a caved in mining pit. He was rushed to the Imbaimadai Health Centre, where he was pronounced dead.

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